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CRICK Meetings

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Past Meetings

April 19  - BROWN BAG MEETING - Joel Bingham

Joel Bingham, restoration biologist, manages the stream and wetland restoration group at EnviroScience, Inc. This specialized environmental consulting firm, located in Stow, OH, has been servicing a wide variety of clients since 1988 in the areas of ecological restoration, biomonitoring, NPDES testing, wetland services, permitting and compliance, emergency response, lake management and commercial diving. Join us in room 109 in Cunningham Hall at 9:30am to hear more about Joel's work and learn about a stream restoration project you can be apart of.

April 12  - BROWN  BAG MEETING - Chris Davis

Chris Davis, a Plant Ecologist with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, will be giving a presentation that covers general information about the history of the park, including large-scale disturbance; general information about problems related to exotic species, including the most common species in our area; and a description of common steps in restoring a disturbed landscape. He will also discuss volunteer opportunities with the park that could potentially lead to internships and jobs.

This meeting will be in room 316 of the Kent Student Center from 9:30am to 10:30am.

April 5 - BROWN BAG MEETING - Elaine Marsh

Elaine Marsh, conservation director for Friends of the Crooked River, will be presenting "Dams of the Cuyahoga" in room 314, Kent State Student Center which will cover topics such as the history, impacts, and restoration efforts at dam locations along the Cuyahoga River. 

March 22 – BROWN BAG MEETING - Jessica Ferrato

Come learn more about the Sierra Club's Water Sentinel Program and Grassroots Activism, as well as internship opportunities with the Community Greenhouse Partners this Friday at 9:30am in room 314 in the Kent State Student Center. Jessica Ferrato is the Water Committee Chair for NEO Sierra Club and Board of Directors for Community Greenhouse Partners. 

March 15 - BROWN BAG MEETING - Lisa Regula

Lisa Regula Meyer, Chair of the Kent Environmental Council, will be discussing her work with the KEC and many of their upcoming events in room 310C, Kent State Student Center. Currently, the KEC is involved with River Day, Who's Your Mama? Earth Day festival, and assisting Roosevelt Highschoolers in their water monitoring projects. KEC is also involved with Holden Elementary's garden project, Haymaker Parkway landscaping, twice annual educational fora open to the public, and other projects as needed.

March 12 - CRICK MEETING - Tuesday

Please join us at 5:15pm, room 316 in the Kent Student Center to discuss upcoming activities for March and April including water quality monitoring, research projects, Earth Day festivities, t-shirts, and restoration projects.

March 8 – BROWN BAG MEETING - DeShawn Johnson

DeShawn J. Johnson, an Ecology Graduate Student and IGERT Fellow, will be discussing his research on the assembly of aquatic invertebrate communities in room 319, Kent State Student Center.  


The dams in Cuyahoga Falls are coming down! Watershed group, Friends of the Crooked River, will be holding a town hall meeting February 27th at 7:00pm at the Lions Lodge in Cuyahoga Falls. C.R.I.C.K. members are encouraged to attend to learn about the importance of dam removal projects and what is in store for the Cuyahoga River in the near and long term future. 

February 27 – BROWN BAG MEETING - Mandy Razzano

Come join us at our inaugural Brown Bag Meeting on Wednesday February 27 at 12:30pm, room 315 in the Student Center. At the meeting, guest speaker Mandy Razzano, Environmental Specialist for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will share with us her vast knowledge of the Cuyahoga River also known as the “River that Caught Fire”. We will also discuss upcoming projects and events that C.R.I.C.K. members can participate in and listen to any suggestions that you may have for the group.